RTR-500NW/AW - Netværk Base Station

RTR-500NW/AW - Netværk Base Station
RTR-500NW/AW - Netværk Base Station
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The RTR-500NW/AW is a network base station with built-in Wireless and LAN Communication Capabilities.
The RTR-500NW/AW can be set up to automatically download recorded data from an RTR-500 Series Wireless Data Logger via wireless communication, and then send that data via a network to an e-mail address, FTP folder or T&D’s own WebStorage server. It can also monitor for warnings and send warning reports across a network to specified addresses.

The RTR-500NW/AW comes in two models: RTR-500NW for a wired LAN and the RTR-500AW for a wireless LAN connection.
* If it is desired to view data with a web browser, the RTR-500NW/AW can be configured to upload current readings to T&D WebStorage Service via FTP.
* RTR-500NW/500AW can not be used with our RTR-50, and RTR-5 Series loggers.
Application Examples
* For Centralized Monitoring and Management of Temperature and Humidity in Refrigerated Cases across Supermarkets or other Chain Stores
* For Monitoring Systems of Pharmacy Storage Facilities
* For Degradation Prevention Systems in Art Museums and other Archival and Exhibit Forums
Important Notice
T&D offers two types of wireless product models depending on the area of use; these are FCC and CE approved models. Please purchase the model appropriate for your region.
Also, wireless products cannot be used in countries other than where those products have been approved for use, according to that country's wireless regulations. T&D Corporation shall in no manner whatsoever take responsibility for the usage of these products, nor be liable in any manner for legal consequences stemming from the usage of these wireless products in unapproved areas.
For more information on the approved areas, please contact .
Standard Kit
  • Unit
  • Antenna
  • LAN Cable*
    LAN Cable*
  • USB cable
    USB cable
  • CD-ROM (Software)
    CD-ROM (Software)
  • Introductory Manual (Warranty)
    Introductory Manual (Warranty)
  • Power
* only use for RTR-500NW; not included in RTR-500AW package contents.
RTR-500NW/AW setup
*1: Only use for RTR-500NW; not included in RTR-500AW package contents.
*2: Initial settings of the RTR-500NW/AW can be made by connecting the Units to a PC with the USB cable.
Note: Any other necessary equipments to enable LAN network connection (Hub, Wireless LAN access point, Server, etc) vary depending upon your network environment.
Wall Attachment
(1) Materials: PC Resin
(2) Screw for fastening to wall x 2
(3) Double-sided Tape x 1
(4) Screw for fastening Unit x 1
W106 x H86 x D17.8mm
Screw Holes: 2 - ?3.2mm
A Base Unit with built-in Wireless Communication and LAN Capabilities
RTR-500NW is for a wired LAN and the RTR-500AW is for a use with a wireless LAN
The Base Units can automatically download recorded data from a Remote Unit (RTR-500 Series Wireless Data Logger) via wireless communication, and then send that data via a network to any location near or far. The wireless communication range between a Remote Unit and a Base Unit, if unobstructed and direct, is about 150 meters [500 ft]. If wireless communication between the Base Unit and Remote Units is poor or you wish to extend the transmission range it is possible to add Repeaters to improve communication.
Downloading Recorded Data
The RTR-500NW/AW Base Units can be set up to carry out a chain of operations where by they periodically download recorded data and/or current readings from Remote Units (RTR-500 Series Wireless Data Logger) and send that data via a network to an e-mail address, FTP folder or to the “T&D WebStorage Service".
Monitoring Current Readings via T&D WebStorage Service
By having the RTR-500NW/AW send the downloaded current readings to the “T&D WebStorage Service” it is possible to view and share data via a web browser. “T&D WebStorage Service ” is a free web-based storage service provided by T&D Corporation.

Please note that monitoring current readings of the RTR-500NW/AW is different from the RTR-5W Web Viewer Functions.
Register Remote Units and Change Settings via the Network
If after having deployed the Base Unit and operation has begun, you wish to make settings changes or add a new Remote Unit it is still possible from a distance over the network without having to collect the Base Unit.
To add an RTR-501/502/503/507 Remote Unit over the network, it is necessary to purchase an RTR-500 Base Unit separately.
An Array of Warning Monitoring Functions
If a measurement exceeds one of the set Upper or Lower Limits the RTR-500NW/AW will judge whether or not a warning has occurred. If a warning has occurred notification will be shown by the LED lamp and an e-mail report will be sent.
The ALARM LED lamp on the RTR-500NW/AW will come on.

Warning Report Mail
A warning report mail will be sent to the specified e-mail address(es).

External Contact Output (Warning Output)
When the “ALARM” LED lamp goes on, the external output on the RTR-500NW/AW simultaneously switched to ON.It is possible to create a foolproof warning system by connecting a siren, light or other easily understandable warning device to the external output terminal.

External Contact Input
By connecting a sensor such as a motion sensor, light sensor, or open/close sensor to the external input terminal of the RTR-500NW/AW it is possible to detect electric signals (ON /OFF) from outside and create a surveillance system. When an ON signal is detected an warning report mail will be sent.
Up to 100 Remote Units can be Registered
It is possible to organize Remote Units and register them as Groups into an RTR-500NW/AW depending on their location, measurement items, or other category. Up to 10 Groups can be registered into one Base Unit with up to a total of 100 Remote Units registrations possible.

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